Saturday, July 23, 2011

So I had this weird, very vivid dream last night that seems apropos for this on!
I was back in Dallas, and it was early in the morning. I was driving -to school, apparently- when I heard a contest come on the radio to come and tell your favorite joke, and you'd get a cool prize. The radio folks were doing a remote on a median on a busy street. (LOL!) So I stopped there, and got out to tell the DJ my joke. It was Riki Rachtman from Headbanger's Ball (back in the day). He looked like he looked back then, not like he looks today.

I went up to Riki in the median, and I said, "Hey, I have an awesome joke!" He said, "Let me hear it," and I told him:

"Who's there?"
"Dwane who?"
"Dwane the bathtub...I'm dwowning!"

He keeled over with laughter and said I had won! He told me to go to a club where they were going to be broadcasting a special early-morning concert by L.A. Guns, and that he would give me a rose, and I could tell my joke on-air.

So I head over to the club, which apparently was smack-dab in the middle of an office park made up primarily of doctors offices (which led to a sub-dream, which was very boring by comparison, so I won't describe it), and I made my way to the club. It was bright daylight by now, and the club was set in a field of lovely-manicured lawns, kind of in a triangle of land between streets where many cars were parked.

I parked my car (side note: my car was my actual car - my aging PT Cruiser; I was hoping it would have been something like a new G37 luck) and went into the club. It was small, but tall. There was a stage "in the round", small areas to gather around it, and then high balconies above the stage. So it held more people than you' think, and there were lots of them!

This is where the dream got more dream-like, with spaces flexing to meet the needs of the action, time taking on a new dimension, and just generally not making much sense, but I'll continue with the important points.

I saw my friend Cat there, and told her my story of how I won the contest. I saw the opening act warming up. It featured Derrick from Masterchef. I saw Riki and he introduced me to people, telling them that I had told him the best joke ever. At one point, I saw a girl I thought I recognized, and it turned out she was the girl that I got a manicure from (in reality) a few days ago. I showed her my nails, and told her it was the best manicure ever, and that I was glad we liked the same music.

I ordered a mimosa and prepared to rock. L.A. Guns got up to play, but none of the original members were there, which was disappointing. I kept telling Cat, "this place reminds me of the Basement." She said, "It is the Basement". I said, "No, that was on Greenville, and they tore it down to build a CVS." She said, "No, they actually moved it here." I was very impressed!

At the end of the show, I had not received my rose, nor had I told my joke on-air, so I started looking for Riki. He was nowhere to be found. By this time, everyone had cleared out of the club except for staff and a few people, and I was calling Riki's name, and shouting, "I want my rose! What is this, some sort of bait-and-switch?" Evidently I cared nothing about telling my joke, I just wanted the darned flower. He never materialized, and no rose was given.

Meanwhile, Cat was wondering how they got the laundry back upstairs. I had no idea what she meant, so I asked her where the washing machine was. She pointed behind a staircase, that was really not much more than a glorified ladder. I honestly couldn't tell how they even got laundry into the machine, so I just told her I didn't know, but I had to go.

We stepped outside in the sunshine, apparently on the wrong side, where my car wasn't. While I was wondering where I parked my car, I realized it was too late to go to school (?!?) and that I'd have to explain to my parents (!!!!!!!!) why I hadn't gone to school that day, and that they would be mad at me. I considered taking an unexcused absence, but then my grades would suffer. I also realized that it was almost 5:00 (in the evening) and so I'd have to fight rush hour traffic to get home, so I'd never be able to make it home before they did and pretend I went to school anyway. So I just decided to head home, tell the truth, and hope they'd write me a note so I could make up my schoolwork.
So where did all this come from? Some of it's pretty easy to figure out.
1. My friend Cat is coming to visit me today! We have been friends since the 80's, and have been to all kinds of concerts together and we loved the Basement and were sad when they tore it down. (I can only wish they moved it somewhere...)
2. I had just watched a DVR'd episode of Masterchef that Derrick featured prominently on. Derrick reminds me of Riki Rachtman for some reason.
3. My husband I had played a Q&A game the other day called Table Topics, and my question was, "what's your favorite joke?" And that stupid knock-knock joke happens to be it.
4. I had my nails done day-before-yesterday.

But the part about school, my parents, the median of a crowded street, the office park, the radio contest, etc.? No clue. But it was an interesting dream!!