Monday, September 10, 2007

More Musings on Live Music

There was a local musician, Carter Albrecht, who was shot and killed amid tragic circumstances. I had read that he was with New Bohemians, and while I was saddened by the news that anyone would die under such circumstances, I didn't think much more about it. Until I got a voice mail message from The Wild Thing and a follow-up phone call telling me that Carter Albrecht was actually a member of the band Sorta, which we had seen together opening for Ian Moore, which I wrote about several days ago. When I went back and looked up the articles online about him, I came to realize that he was one of the guys that switched off between keyboards and guitar, and that in all honesty I was most impressed with his musicianship. Reading about him online, I found out why - he was quite accomplished in many genres of music. I appreciate that so much, having a classical music background myself.

Sadly, The Wild Thing and I hadn't had the chance to find a Sorta performance since we saw them then. I would have liked to have seen them on their own, to get in a full set. I'm hoping they'll continue on, because being a musician myself, I know that Carter would want them to continue making music. Even though I never knew him, I will miss him.

If you'd like to read about Carter and Sorta, please go to their website.

Moving on from the sad news, I went to my favorite rock venue last Friday night to see another local favorite of mine, Jim Suhler and Monkey Beat. I always love to catch their shows. They put together a bluesy/rocky combo that I can't resist. To find out more about them, you can visit their website.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Concert disappointment, but at least I still have my cool phone!

I had truly been looking forward to the Def Leppard concert since they announced it a few months ago. I even had a pedicure so my feet would look pretty for the outdoor event. I made a mix on my iPod of tunes to get me in the mood for a concert - and I haven't been to a real, big concert in so long. But then...Guitar-Guy said he didn't think he'd be able to make it. The Wild Thing left a message on my voice mail that she didn't feel good, so would not be going, which was extra-sad because we had gone out Friday night and had such a nice time. Then Crazy Cat Lady got to my place to leave for the show, and she's visibly quite ill, so I sent her home. I thought maybe my husband would take pity on me and go along, but no such luck. *Sigh* I'm so sad...I really wanted to go...I really did. It's probably stupid, and I don't know why it's affecting me this way, but my heart aches. Silly, huh?

I'm still digging on my phone, though. Maybe I'll download some music to it today.