Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Love my iPhone; or: To Not Kill a Mockingbird

It seems like just about everyone has an iPhone these days. And I, for one, can't imagine my life without mine. I can't even remember how I got by before I had it.

There's some really cool music gear applications available. I've got one called "Pocket Guitar" - which is basically a way to play actual guitar chords on the phone. I use that one when I'm trying to figure out a new chord. I've got a guitar tuning application. A metronome. And...something called "Gig Baby" - it's actually a 4-track recorder! On my iPhone! It's way too cool and even has some built-in drum beats.

My iPhone lets me keep up with Facebook, have a flashlight always on hand, be way-too connected to work, and always have a book at the ready. All my music is on there, I can play Diner Dash, check my stock prices, get the latest headlines, edit photos, make my own backgrounds, figure out how to get where I'm going. Truly, I've found an application to do just about anything I want; I just wish it could go pour me a glass of wine instead of just recommending a cabernet.

So, what's this about not killing a mockingbird?

Well, last night, or should I say early this morning, some mockingbird started singing outside my window. It sang and sang and sang and sang and sang and sang and I was wide awake. I tried to sleep. I fired up my Kindle for iPhone to try to get my mind off the singing. Sort of would drift off, then the singing would pick up again. This went on for over an hour. So I got up for a bit. Went back to bed. Still the constant singing. I was pretty sure the only way to shut the dadgum bird up was to put it out of my miser.

Then it dawned on me. Headphones and white noise or ocean sounds would do the trick. I had headphones, really nice soft ones. But no ocean sounds. Bummer. Wait!! The App Store has everything. 2 minutes later, I had an ocean sounds application downloaded, headphones in, and - JOY! - no more mockingbird song.

Oh, and did I mention the iPhone also has a functional phone?

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Food Czar said...

One of the best anniversary gifts I've ever received was my IPhone. I use it constantly, although maybe it should be equipped with a taser, in case we're trapped in a dark alley in the wrong part of town.