Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Livin' the Barbie Dream

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Last night I presented a program to my local Barbie doll collectors club called "SuperStar Barbie - Keeping the Dream Alive". It was all about the fabulously gorgeous SuperStar Barbie that arrived on the scene in 1976 and changed my life! Apparently for good...because during the presentation I realized I really am living the Barbie dream. How weird is that?

I started my talk about how I wasn't like other little girls who played "house" and pretended to cook dinner for their husbands and feed and change their baby dolls. No, I was a total Barbie girl, and and when I played pretend, I played "apartment" and lived a glamorous life as a singer in a night club. When I first took a look at SuperStar Barbie that day on the shelf in the neighborhood toy store, she embodied everything I wanted to be - beautiful, shiny, famous, glamorous. She definitely lived in a penthouse apartment, wasn't married because she didn't have the time between her concerts, TV appearances, modeling assignments, and starring movie roles. This was clearly a young woman who knew what she wanted, knew how to get it, and got it, and was deliriously happy! Who wouldn't want that?

OK, so maybe I'm not famous, and maybe I'm not beautiful by society's standards, and maybe I don't get everything I want. I'm not even blonde. And, OK, I did get married. But I'm still living the Barbie dream!

I live in an apartment - a fabulous one, at that. With all the conveniences - upgraded, walking distance to fun hangouts. And it comes with maintenance, which means I don't have to play handyman on the weekends, and I never have to unstop a toilet. You'd never catch Barbie washing windows or mowing the lawn, and I don't have to do either of those things, either! I have a huge closet, and a huge bathtub that I can fill with bubbles whenever I want. I have had the opportunity to step into the spotlight on a number of occasions to wow a crowd with my vocals. I've even worn sparkly clothes while doing so. I've even been known to wear a tiara from time to time.

Now, if only a Corvette could be added to the mix, my Barbie dream would be complete.

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Food Czar said...

I'm enjoying the dream as well. Now, if we had just a little more money....