Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yeah, I'm 40 - so what?

OK, so last December, amid much pomp and circumstance, I turned 40. Like most women, the months (and...years?) leading up to the grand event weren't necessarily, shall we say, pleasant. I guess there's something about a new numeral rolling up in front of your name that makes you...cringe? shudder? run screaming from the mirror?

Seriously, though, the closer the big day got, the more I embraced the change. I've heard it said that the older you get, the more "yourself" you become, and I was determined to live that. I've started doing things I always wanted to do when I was younger, but stopped somewhere between 27 & 37 because I figured I had outgrown those things, or had "aged out" somehow. I stopped wearing my rapidly approaching decade milestone like a millstone. I embraced my inner Rock Star.

I've always loved rock-n-roll music. When the rest of my running buddies in school were listening to Duran Duran and the plethora of trendy one-hit-wonder new-wave techno groups of the 80's, I was throwing back to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and of course, being the Good Texan that I am, keeping up with ZZ Top! My love affair with Def Leppard began in 1982, and I haven't looked back since.

I had an opportunity in college to audition to become a lead singer for a rock band, but I was way too shy. I had dreams of forming my own band, but never could quite get anyone else as excited about it as I was. Time passed, college ended, corporate job started, marriage took place, life happened, and suddenly I'm almost 40.

So now, I've taken up the guitar, and at karaoke, you can barely pry that microphone out of my hand. I love live music, and attend concerts and clubs whenever I can. This blog will be a lot about that.

My husband and I have also made the conscious decison not to have children. That has had negative as well as positive implications on our lives. This blog will be a lot about that.

This blog will also be a lot about places I like to go, and things I like to do, all with the spin of being in my 40's, and being a Rock Star at heart.

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Food Czar said...

What a rockin chic!!!!! You sound like someone I'd really like to meet!!! One question: are there any negatives to not having kids? Im 49 and kidless, and don't have a budget for diapers, soccer camp, or the prom, and I dont own a humongous SUV that gets 5 miles to the gallon! So whats the prob, chic?