Saturday, August 25, 2007

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What a fun, although very busy week!

I got a new cell phone! Through a series of odd events, a new Samsung Sync has come to be in my possession. I got it for $49, plus a $50 rebate from If you're not a member of My Points, you should consider it. You get points for visiting certain websites, and if you do your shopping online via the My Points site, then you get more points. You can trade in your accumulated points for all kinds of cool things, gift cards mainly, but for all the good places. When we moved recently, I got a $50 gift card from Linens N Things to decorate my bathroom with.

But anyway, back to the phone. I LOVED my RAZR. Adored my RAZR, adorned my RAZR with cool accessories. Never in my life did I think I'd ever have any phone but the RAZR. I've been looking at the newer RAZRs with the MP3 players and upgraded cameras, etc. But they're pretty expensive. I checked into the Samung SYNC and I was pretty impressed with the features, including an MP3 player, 2 Megapixel camera, a slot for additional memory card, etc. Plus, it was essentially free with the rebate. So I bit the bullet and got it. And I love it! It's narrower than the RAZR, but slightly thicker. The screen is bigger than the RAZR, and the graphics are much nicer. There are more options for personalization and the controls to the MP3 player are available when the unit is open or closed. I haven't had a chance to really get into it yet (it just arrived yesterday) but I can't wait to use it!

Update on my quest to like Tom Petty: had a bit of a setback this week. It's probably not the music's fault, though. I totally blame the radio station. They play his stuff just WAY TOO MUCH! Like right now, for instance...*SIGH*

So, I am gearing up for the Def Leppard concert this coming weekend! I've got my Union Jack shirt all customized to my specifications now, and I'm just wishing I still had my razor-shredded jeans from 1989 still. Oh, well, it would probably be way too hot for those, anyway. So, I was going to make a Def Leppard mix for my iPod, but I found that I don't have all the songs from Pyromania or Hysteria loaded on it. I went to look for those 2 CD's in the entertainment center last night, and they're not there! I have one more place to look, but how do my 2 favorite DL CD's just disappear? Maybe a trip to CD Warehouse is in order...probably could use some new copies of those 2 anyway.

Last weekend we went to what they call Restaurant Week, where for a set price at many fine-dining establishments you can get a three-course meal and a portion of the price goes to local charities. So we went to Steve Field's Steak and Lobster Lounge. For an extra $15 we also got the wine pairings. They offered us the option of switching the wines around, but we decided to go with the suggested pairings. And that was a good thing - wow! It made me realize that even though I do like a lot of different wines, that I would like to learn more about the way wine and food interact. So now I'm looking for a local class or seminar on that.

We also went to see "No Reservations" with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart. Yes, it was fluffy, not at all earth-shattering, and quite predictable, but it was sweet and entertaining nonetheless. I was glad we went to the matinee, though. I think I really liked it, too, because we also enjoy watching the shows on TV like "Top Chef" and "Hells Kitchen" and "Iron Chef America" so a movie about a fine dining restaurant was a natural choice.

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